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Debon Trailers

Debon Trailers are part of the Cheval Liberte Group. Cheval Liberte UK Ltd are the sole importers of both Debon and Cheval Liberte trailers throughout the UK and Ireland.

In 2015 the Cheval Liberte Group celebrated 20 years in business and over that time has become an industry leader across Europe in the manufacturing of trailers and equestrian buildings.

The user is always at the forefront of both design and manufacturing decisions, products such as the Debon trailers which are unique have achieved a level of quality that resonates and truly stands out to its target audience.

As you browse through our range of box-van and tipping trailers you will find the high standards of craftsmanship that has been achieved in these functional and robust products which give exceptional value for money to our customers.

Featured Trailers

  • Roadster C300 Single Axle Box Van Trailer

    Roadster C300 Single Axle Box Van Trailer

    Braked Trailer with a Maximum Gross Weight of 1300kg. The C300 Roadster is new for Summer 2017.

  • PW2.2 Tipper Trailer

    PW2.2 Tipper Trailer

    An Electric Tipper with a Maximum Gross Weight of 2600kg.

  • Cargo 1300 Single Axle Box Van Trailer

    Cargo 1300 Single Axle Box Van Trailer

    A unique box van trailer constructed from polyester with a maximum gross weight of 1300kg. The aerodynamic polyester body along with the Pullman suspension system gives the Cargo 1300 superb towing and handling qualities.

  • Roadster C500 Box Van Trailer

    Roadster C500 Box Van Trailer

    The largest Debon Box Van Trailer with a maximum gross weight of 2600kg. Aluminium sides, ramp and floor. The ramp opens out as a barn door or drops down as a loading ramp. Exceptional towing qualities with the Pullman Suspension System.

  • tippers-300px.jpg
  • Tipper Trailers

    Our tipper trailer range features both single axle and twin axle models and all feature removable sides and poles to make loading and unloading easier. With various sizes and load capacities, these trailers are excellent for a host of uses.

  • box-vans-300px.jpg
  • Box Van Trailers

    From the single axle C255 to the twin axle C500, our range of box van trailers can be used for a variety of purposes. Regardless of model, the high quality is consistent throughout, with all but the smallest in the range featuring a side door.

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