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Our tipper trailer range features both single axle and twin axle models. All tippers have removable drop sides to make loading and unloading easier. Inclusive of One-Way and Three-Way Tipper Trailers, the Debon Trailer Range offers towing solutions for many industries, including but not limited to; landscaping, construction, groundworks, equestrian and smallholding.

With MGWs ranging from 1500kg to 3500kg and with Payload ranging from 1050kg to 2670kg, the Debon Tipper Trailers are incredibly robust and user-friendly. 

Built using the highest quality materials and industry-leading design, our trailers are manufactured in our modern, innovation-driven factory. Our tipping trailers benefit from plywood flooring with galvanised, steel-plated protection. Manufactured with electric tipping mechanism, users benefit from up to 50 tips from one charge, eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual tipping. 

Benefits of Debon Tipper Trailers

  • Hard wearing and built to last with extensive use of galvanised steel and aluminium ensuring all trailers are corrosion resistant, lightweight and robust.
  • Large stock of spares in the UK ready for next day delivery. See more information in our on-line shop.
  • Aluminium removable drop sides for versatility and ease of use.
  • Designed by experts with years of experience for reliability, safety, longevity and great value.
  • Extensive network of local distributors to provide the highest level of service and support throughout the UK.


Versatility is built in to all our trailers. To further enhance this we offer a range of purpose built optional accessories for you to choose from to ensure your trailer is ideal whatever your application. Popular accessories include:

  • Mesh sites: Light weight, easily fitted and removed, ideal for retaining higher loads such as logs, garden waste, building materials.
  • Aluminium loading ramps: For ease of loading. Light weight yet very strong (support up to 3000kg), ridged to reduce noise and maximise grip.
  • Telescopic prop stands: Ideal for uneven surfaces.
  • Shock absorbers: Perfect for protecting delicate loads or on bumpy terrain.

For more information see the accessories in our on-line shop.

From our range of tipper trailers, select the one that suits your requirements and find your nearest local distributor or alternatively, please feel free to contact us for much more information about the Debon trailer range.



PW3.6 Tipper Trailer

PW3.6 Tipper Trailer

An Electric 3 Way Tipper Trailer

  • MGW 3500kg
  • Unladen 800kg
  • Payload  2700kg

Price: £5,375 +VAT

PW1.2 Rear Tipper Trailer

PW1.2 Rear Tipper Trailer

An Electric Rear Tipper Trailer 

  • Twin Knott Axles
  • Maximum Gross Weight of 2000kg
  • Unladen Weight 600kg
  • Payload of 1440kg

Price: £3350 + VAT

PWO 1500 LUX Tipper Trailer

PWO 1500 LUX Tipper Trailer

An Electric Tipper:

  • Knott Axle
  • Maximum Gross Weight 1500kg
  • Payload: 1045kg
  • Unladen Weight 455kg

Price: £3200 + VAT

PW2.4 Three Way Tipper Trailer

PW2.4 Three Way Tipper Trailer

A Three Way Electric Tipper with a Maximum Gross Weight of 2600kg.

  • Three Way Electric Tipper Trailer
  • Knott Axles
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 2600kg
  • Unladen Weight: 710kg
  • Payload: 1890kg 

Price: £4450 + VAT

PW3 3T5 Tipper Trailer

PW3 3T5 Tipper Trailer

A Three Way Twin Axle Tipper Trailer with a Maximum Gross Weight of 3500kg.

  • Three Way Electric Tipper Trailer
  • Knott Axles
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 3500kg
  • Unladen Weight: 830kg
  • Payload: 2670kg


Price: £5050 + VAT


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