C255 Box Trailer

A lightweight braked box trailer, the C255 has a one-piece aerodynamic front and roof manufactured from polyester. The sides are available in Plywood (braked and unbraked), Aluminium planking and Composite with prices as follows;

Option Price
Plywood Unbraked £2,900 +VAT
Plywood Unbraked + Side Door £3,100 +VAT
Plywood Sides £3,100 +VAT
Plywood + Side Door £3,300 +VAT
Composite Sides £3,300 +VAT
Composite + Side Door £3,400 +VAT
Aluminium Sides £3,550 +VAT
Aluminium + Side Door £3,650 +VAT

Price: £2,900-3,650 +VAT

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