The popular C700 is now available as a hatch trailer with a lifting side!

A double axle box van trailer with anodised aluminium sides and ramp, the C700 is very versatile. It is also supplied with the unique Pullman 2 Suspension System which provides superb handling and towing. The ramp is a unique 2 in 1 combination ramp / door which offers many uses. Not only can it be used as a ramp but when the door is open many mobile businesses use the open door as a windbreak or advertising /menu board.

Now available with the lifting side hatch , the C700 is even more versatile. The side opening lends itself to mobile businesses to operate from within the trailer and serve from the side or rear. This makes the trailer usable in many situations. For example, if your location does not allow side access, users can trade via the ramp.

The side hatch is also great for carrying stock and allowing customers to view from outside the trailer. By doing so also eliminates the need to unload it and keeps it safely undercover.

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