NEW Debon Trailers now registered with The Equipment Register

We are delighted to announce that all new Debon Tipper and Box Van Trailers will be added to The Equipment Register – TER as standard.

Since 1995 TER has been conducting due diligence theft and finance checks for the public and dealers. These checks have resulted in more than 3,390 stolen equipment recoveries, valued at more than £14.9m, for UK equipment insurance companies, businesses, and individuals.

The annual theft of equipment continues to be a major problem for the trailer owners as well as insurers. Estimates of the cost of theft vary, but the Home Office and insurers believe it to be approximately £150m each year in the UK.

TER assists the police and law enforcement agencies with the identification and recovery of stolen equipment. Their aim is to reduce equipment theft by keeping accurate records of it’s ownership. By doing so will enable TER to help return stolen items back to the owner in the case of theft.

New Debon Trailers

All newly purchased Debon Trailers will now be registered on The Equipment Register (TER) as standard.

Already got a Debon Trailer?

If you currently own a Debon Trailer and wish to have it registered with TER, please contact your distributor. They will be able to complete the relevant warranty registration form on your behalf.

What to do if your Debon Trailer is Stolen

As soon as you are aware that the trailer has been stolen, contact the police to report the crime. Once you have notified the authorities, contact TER who will then alert police, law enforcement agencies, dealers and auction houses with the trailers details to help identify your trailer should it be recovered.

For ideas on keeping your Tipper or Box Van Trailer secure, check out our previous blog.

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