Debon Tipper Trailer Size and Weights

Our wide selection of tipper trailers are available in a range of sizes and weights to accommodate varying loads. Fabricated using anodised aluminium, Debon Trailers remain lightweight yet strong, and are built to last using quality materials throughout. Designed by experts for safety, versatility and ease of use, Debon Tipper Trailers provide a perfect transport and offloading solution for many industries and personal use.

The dimensions guide below should enable you to see at a glance which trailer will best suit your requirements;

Trailer Model Axle Tipper Action Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (feet) Unladen Weight MGW
PWO 1500 LUX Single Axle Rear 2440mm x 1550mm  8’ x 5’ 430kg 1500kg
PW1.2 Twin Axle Rear 3060mm x 1550mm  10’ x 5’ 600kg 2000kg
PW2.4  Twin Axle 3-Way 3060mm x 1800mm 10’ x 6’ 710kg 2600kg
PW3 3T5  Twin Axle 3-Way 3240mm x 1800mm 10’6 x 5’9 833kg 3500kg
PW3.6  Twin Axle 3-Way 3660mm x 1860mm  12’ x 6’1 800kg 3500kg

For more information, current prices and pictures of each trailer, please click on the Trailer Model name of the trailer you wish to view.

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