Customising & Branding Your Box Van Trailer

Eye-catching unique graphics custom designed to personalise your trailer, your business, or your advertising campaign.

Many of our customers want to get their trailer custom branded for many reasons, such as the aesthetics of matching their tow vehicle, advertising their business on the go, or even making the trailer more recognisable and therefore less likely to be stolen.

For businesses it offers a cost effective advertising method to promote the business and brand messages. A method that cannot be simply turned off and is constantly working wherever there are people present. It can form part of almost any marketing strategy from full fleet branding to tactical promotional offers or road shows.

For personal use, it is an opportunity to customise the trailer to each individuals tastes, perhaps a preferred colour scheme or a graphic of their chosen hobby. The unique characteristics of a personalised trailer also provides a strong deterrent to thieves, as the trailer is not an ‘off the shelf’ model which could quickly be sold on.

Whatever the reasons, the choice of design options is huge and we think it looks fantastic!

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