Debon Trailers are extremely versatile, with many customers opting for customising their own Box Van Trailer conversions. The conversions vary greatly in use, from providing accommodation for a camping trip, modifying it for a specific hobby or customising it for a mobile business. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few examples of customisations from our customers, who have kindly shared their modified trailers creations with us;

This customer created a mobile business within their Roadster Box Van Trailer. With the smooth Pullman2 suspension, we’re sure their cakes will always arrive in one piece!
Ashben skilfully made full use of every inch of space within this C500, even suspending the bed – incredible! The cleverly incorporated shaped kitchen area includes a sink, fridge and storage.
Box Van trailer conversion surfers
The C255 may be the smallest trailer in our range, but this one is a surfers dream! A smart trailer to carry your surfboards, and a bed to rest your head after a day riding the waves! A number of our customers who have shared their conversions with us have also added solar panels to the roof of the trailer. This is a great way to provide energy for additional lighting and heating without a noisy generator.

Felling inspired to do your own Box Van trailer Conversions? What would you do with your Debon Trailer?

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