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24 June 2022

Is my Box Van or Tipper Trailer safe to be on the road?

As a legal requirement, we have to ensure that our towing vehicles are road worthy and have passed their compulsory MOT and advised regular service at the recommended intervals. Whilst trailers don’t require any legal form of MOT, it’s up to the owner, or user, to keep them in a correct and roadworthy condition. Similar…

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31 May 2022

What is a Box Trailer used for?

Box trailers create a great addition to your towing vehicle, providing extra space for an abundance of items and uses. Extra Luggage  The smallest, lightest single axle box trailers, similar to a Debon C255 are perfect options for adding more space when the car is full, maybe on a long journey or when you need…

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19 April 2022

Box Van Trailer versus Van

Advantages of a Box Trailer compared to a Van If you’re looking to set up your own business or perhaps expand your current fleet, you may be researching vans and vehicles to transport items too large or heavy for a standard car. But have you considered buying a box trailer instead of an additional vehicle?…

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23 March 2022

Customising & Branding Your Box Van Trailer

Eye-catching unique graphics custom designed to personalise your trailer, your business, or your advertising campaign. Many of our customers want to get their trailer custom branded for many reasons, such as the aesthetics of matching their tow vehicle, advertising their business on the go, or even making the trailer more recognisable and therefore less likely…

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18 January 2022

Towing Trailers

Towing a Trailer – Debon Guide With the laws changing in 2021 enabling drivers to tow a Trailer under 3,500kg without Training or a License, we compiled a handy guide to Towing Trailers. Starting from safety checks and hitching-up through to towing safely on the road we hope you find our guide to towing trailers…

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06 July 2021

3 Reasons you should choose an Electric Tipper over a Manual Tipper

When buying a tipper trailer, the biggest initial question is manual or electric? If you are investing in equipment, you want to be sure to find a trailer that will be a benefit for years to come. This post will weigh up the benefits of an electric tipper trailer over a manual one. 1. Quicker Compared…

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18 September 2020

Three Benefits of an Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer, often referred to as a cargo trailer, serves as a convenient way to transport various types of equipment and goods. Widely used for purposes ranging from enclosed motorcycle trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, business-in-a-box trailers and much more, the applications of an enclosed trailer are endless. Often branded as Box Trailers in…

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